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Tutor Spotlight
Executive Function Coach
AP Government / History

Critical Thinking, Active Listening,

effective use of Evidence

Executive Function Coach, ReynaCharapp

“I challenge students to ask the right questions.”

As an AP Government and Honors NSL Government teacher, I help my students think more critically about complex concepts, defend their viewpoints with evidence, and practice active listening and respectful discourse. I also introduce real-world political scenarios to help them understand the practical application of these concepts and analyze how government policies and actions impact society today. I challenge students to ask the right questions.

I obtained a BA in History and an MA in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Maryland, College Park. I am currently finishing up an Educational Leadership Certification program through Hood College, have a Certificate of Equity and Excellence in Education from McDaniel University, and have studied how to support Executive Functioning in the Classroom.

Executive Function Coaching


Academic Coaching helps students build both academic and personal life skills. Our Academic Coaches have experience helping students with Executive Function Skills, ADD, ADHD, and other learning challenges. 


We can help students reach success across all academic subject areas by focusing on:

Specific Learning Differences

Executive Function Skills

ADD, ADHD, & other

Enhanced Study Skills

Time Management

Goal Setting


Writing Skills

Reading for Comprehension

Planning and Organizing Homework


 [The PAS tutor] was a game-changer for our son. He not only helped with our son’s learning challenges of ADD and dyslexia by providing great tools and invaluable study habits but also by having high expectations of his performance. Our son was able to get into a highly-ranked university.

- Patricia

Student with Tablet
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