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K12 - Undergraduate - Graduate

Math Tutor, Raechel Griffin

“My tutoring approach is collaborative and encouraging.”

As an avid math lover and experienced tutor, I can cover all elementary and secondary math subjects as well as higher education courses such as college algebra, precalculus, linear algebra, calculus (differential, integral, and applied), discrete mathematics, and number theory.

In addition to tutoring, I teach! I taught for two years at my alma mater while earning a master’s degree and received a 4.7/5.0 or higher excellent teacher rating every semester! I also teach at a local community college as an adjunct faculty member.

My tutoring approach is collaborative and encouraging. There’s nothing I love more than helping a student change their, “I can’t do math; I’m not a math person” mindset!

Math Teacher

Math & Science








Linear Algebra

Calculus I and II

Discrete Mathematics
Number Theory





I personally recommend them! My daughter has had great success with her calculus/trig tutor.” 


“[They are] the best tutors I have encountered…My daughter benefited evidenced by her improved grades and by her math confidence.”


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