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Expert Online Tutoring,
Academic Coaching,
Proven Results

Peak Academic Solutions (PAS)™ tutors and coaches are selected for their wealth of teaching and tutoring experience that directly benefits students.

  • PAS™ Tutors help students excel in specific subject areas

  • PAS™ Academic Coaches help students plan, organize, and complete assignments for multiple subjects. This often includes Executive Function Coaching.

Tutor Spotlight
Orton Gillingham Reading Tutor, Colly Edwards
Physics and Science Tutor, BIll Dunkerton
AP Government and History Tutor, Executive Function Coach, ReynaCharapp
Math Tutor, Raechel Griffin
Accounting and Finance Tutor, Erin Odonnell
French Tutor and Executive Function Coach, Fairlight Lower

Fairlight Lower
French Tutor &
Executive Function Coach

“PAS tutors first helped my son in high school, and they continue to tutor him in college. They not only put him at ease, but help him take more effective notes, manage his time, and better understand the subject.”


PAS™ Founders

Michael and Jen Birdsell are college professors and seasoned tutors who built a successful tutoring method that includes student-centric support, active assessment, and a partnership between students, parents, and educators. Their method provides students with the tools and confidence needed to find success. 

Math Tutor, Director of Student & Academic Services, Jennifer Birdsell

Director of Student & Academic Services

Academic Coach, Director of Operations & Community Outreach, Michael Birdsell

Michael Birdsell

Director of Operations & Community Outreach

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