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French Tutor & Executive Function Coach

B.A., French - 2 French Immersion stays -

Personal planning, goal setting, and improved processes

Fairlight Lower

French Tutor, Executive Function Coach, Fairlight Lower

"I'm a language lover.

Yes, grammar too!"

French Tutor

Bonjour! Fairlight Lower has been speaking French for nearly 40 years, this includes six years of French prior to entering college. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in French, followed by a French Immersion stays in France and Canada. Fairlight is raising her son to be truly bilingual and supports his immersion program with daily instruction. She is a language and grammar lover and studied three foreign languages in university, French, Ancient Hebrew, and Ancient Greek. Most of her professional work has involved teaching, training, or coaching. From entry-level to prepping for an AP exam, Fairlight will work with you to develop a better command of French. Allons-y!

Executive Function Coach 

Fairlight has been coaching and cheering on children, youth, and adults for nearly 30 years. She has a B.A. in French, Masters of Divinity, and M.B.A in Organizational Leadership and Change. With experience in counseling, coaching, training, and project management, she helps individuals with personal planning, goal setting, and improved processes. Her applied methods can help bring success to your journey.

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